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Agen bola has been a favourite game for online gambling lovers. This kind of websites attracts lots of people with high level of gaming standards and   exciting offers .Football is an interesting game, where two opposite team kicks the ball with foot to score goals. It is a popular peasant game. At English public school in eighteenth and nineteenth century’s contemporary codes of football are tracked back to codification. The British Empire spread these rules of football to the areas in British, by the end of nineteenth century distinct regional codes are developed. Football is a team game that has certain rules, strategy and physical play. The aim of the football game is to advance the ball in the field by running and passing the ball and getting scores when the ball is touch down by crossing the end zone. High school football, college foot ball and professional football are highly popular sports around the world. Two teams are played, with eleven players from each team on the field. A foot ball ground field should be 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide, including the field of 100 yards and end zones are 10 yards each. A football game consist of four 12 -15 minutes quarters.

poker online freeA coin is tossed and the winning team decides which end of the field would the like to defend in the first half or like to receive the ball. As the poker online Indonesia starts on, team will kick the ball to other team trying to advance the ball up in the field to touch the end zone. Tackle football sport are practised by professional leagues like NFL and touch football & flag football allows the player to be tackled by either  pulling the flag or ribbon of the opposite player, or touching with both hands. The football is a spheroid shape leather ball. It is 11 inches long and circumference is 22 in the middle part. The player requires equipments like helmet, football pans, cleats, a mouth guard and shoulder pads.




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