Choose the best package for New Casino Bonus

Many online casino sites have taken to the norm of offering free spins and bonuses to new players, enticing them to go for more and also to old members as incentives in order to keep them motivated and involved in the game.

Would the gaming site stop offering bonus after an allotted period of time? Of course it depends on the site you are playing with and the conditions they impose but you needn’t worry since the internet is swarmed up with millions of casinos that provide new casino bonus codes for old and new members alike.

Types of Casino Bonuses Available Online

Each site offers its own unique bonus offer and it may lead to confusion if you do not understand each of the bonus categories. Here’s a list of Bonus types you need to acquaint yourself with;

  • No Deposit Bonus

This is the easiest of all types; you will be given bonuses just for registering onto a casino site and you will be given money for it. In case you need to withdraw the money; you just need to claim the bonus via contact form or submission forms available on the site.

  • Match Bonus

This can also be considered as the First Deposit Bonus that is usually given to you when you make your very first initial deposit at the casino. This is mostly applicable for new players and doesn’t involve existing members.

  • Sticky Bonus

This is the bonus that the casino offers and you can use it to play with but the drawback is, you are not allowed to withdraw it. You can claim the amount only after you have won more than the initial bonus amount.

  • Exclusive Bonus

These are the deals that individual casinos make with the webmasters and guarantee to offer its members. This could be any of the above mentioned Bonus types or a combination of two or more types.

  • Loyalty Bonus

This is given to existing members who have reached a certain level of reputation in the online gaming site. You can make claims on these bonuses once you have complied with the requirements.

Certain sites may offer bonuses as a welcome package but would allow withdrawal of the cash only after you have played your deposit. Hence, whenever you decide to get into a gaming site, ensure that you have read through the wager requirements very carefully. Happy Gaming!

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